Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today joined calls for members of communities, churches and families to express their support for marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Speaking in Parliament last night, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Guy Barnett threw out a “clarion call” for communities across the nation to let their local MPs know of their support for marriage and the belief that it “deserves respect and protection”.

His call for action followed on from last week’s passing of a Greens’ motion for MPs to seek constituents’ views on same-sex marriage.

Senator Barnett told Parliament last night that: “What is being proposed by proponents of same-sex marriage is not mere finetuning of the definition of marriage but a full-on assault on one of its key elements: namely, that it involves the union of a man and a woman. To change the definition of marriage to encompass a union between any two persons would be effectively to abolish marriage in Australian law by replacing it with something quite different and alien.” Please click here to read the full text.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace supported Senator Barnett’s call and reiterated the need to “protect the model of marriage between a man and a woman which is a universal cultural mainstay proven over millennia”.

“The Greens and the gay lobby have been very active in their campaign to undermine long-held concepts of marriage and family which are central to the fabric of our society and provide stability for children,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is important that MPs hear from Australians who value marriage and do not wish to see it re-defined.

“In some other countries where same-sex marriage has been legalised, such as Canada, it has then led to pressure for polygamous relationships to be legalised. Once the meaning of marriage is changed who knows where it will lead,” he said.

“It is disappointing that radical Greens’ fringe agendas have dominated the final weeks of Parliament.”