For release: 9 April 2015

A Queensland judge's suggestion that some forms of rape are not violent has been questioned by the Australian Christian Lobby.

Judge Michael Rackemann’s comments that his sentencing of a father who raped his nine year old daughter might have been harsher had violence been involved is demeaning to rape victims, ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said.

The Ipswich man who filmed himself raping his daughter between 2010 and 2011 was convicted last month of rape, indecent assault and producing child exploitation material.

Ms Francis said, “All rape is violent, and any child being used in a pornographic way is violent.

“Violence isn’t just about punching and kicking, we can never forget that rape is about power over another human being."

“Judge Rackemann's comments in sentencing send the wrong message to all would-be perpetrators that there are times when rape is ‘not so bad’. This is an extremely dangerous message to send out.

“Rape is always horrific for the victim”.