Media Release: Thursday, 22 November, 2007

In the absence of answers to its election questionnaire from the Australian Greens, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has today moved to provide Christians with a better understanding of the party’s policies on issues of concern to Christians.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace today said the lobby has put a brief examination of the Greens’ policies and voting record on conscience issues on the ACL website and would also email the information to its supporters.

“We have found a high turnout of Greens’ candidates at our various Meet Your Candidate Forums around Australia and have appreciated the forthright way they have presented their views,” Mr Wallace said. “However they have been let down by the party’s failure to be equally forthright by answering the ACL’s questions in the questionnaire.”

“This has left our members less than fully informed on the Greens policies and is particularly important because of the pivotal role the Greens could play if they win the balance of power in the Senate.”

Mr Wallace said that the examination of the Greens’ policies highlights both some strengths and weaknesses in their policy positions on issues Christians care about, with a number of links to the party’s website for those who wish to investigate further.

“It points out some policy positions which may resonate with the Christian concern for the poor and vulnerable and for good environmental stewardship. However, it also identifies definite concerns with the Greens’ social policies which would run contrary to the values of most Christians, such as in the areas of abortion, same-sex marriage, support for private schools and drug laws.”

There is also an analysis of the Greens’ conscience votes in the last Federal Parliament in comparison to other parties.

“The ACL is non party-partisan and we have as an important part of our charter the need to ensure Christians make an informed vote. Hopefully our brief examination will go some way to addressing this issue.”

To read the ACL’s brief examination of the Greens’ policies on issues of concern to Christians please visit To read the answers of other political parties to ACL’s election questionnaire please go to

Media Contact: Glynis Quinlan