For release: 16 March 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today urged school communities to get informed before accepting the Safe Schools Coalition anti-bullying programme.

Yesterday Tasmanian media highlighted a letter sent to public schools co-signed by ACL and denominational leaders outlining concerns with the safe schools program.

ACL Tasmanian State Director Mark Brown said, “We deplore all forms of bullying of young people but are simply highlighting the fact that there is a clear ideological agenda behind this programme that schools should be made aware of before deciding to accept or reject it.

Some of the content likely to be of concern to parents and students includes:

  • Encouraging uniform regulations to be relaxed by schools to allow for cross-dressing1 ; and

  • Allowing Students under certain conditions to use toilets/change rooms of the opposite sex.2

“The letter sent to schools highlights these and other extremes concerning sexualised content in the safe schools programme which ACL believes would be detrimental to individual students and school communities.”

  1. Gender is not uniform

  2. Gender is not uniform