Linked below is a copy of the briefing note that we have recently sent to state politicians regarding the safe schools program.

Safe Schools Coalition Australia Briefing

It clarifies the following:

  • The nature of state government involvement in the program’s approval;

  • The connection between the Safe Schools Coalition and Minus18;

  • The nature of the content which is egregious and the reasons why;

  • The political nature of the program;

  • Possible breach of departmental policy;

  • Harmful outcomes already being reported.

Misinformation has been spread by the media and by some politicians about many of the above items in order to portray ACL’s campaign as merely homophobic and transphobic.

The concerns we have raised, however, are of a different kind. We are concerned that the content is not age-appropriate, is radically sexual and constitutes reckless advice. Many parents would agree if appraised of the material, and clearly do agree based on the success of our campaign.

ACL condemns all bullying, including bullying on the ground of LGBTI status and gender. We recommend that effective and appropriate anti-bullying programs be adopted by all schools. This program is not one of them.