Media Release

For release: Sunday December 11, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby has endorsed the announcement by Mr Abbott that the Coalition will honour its Party policy that marriages remain between a man and a woman.

“Whatever people feel on the issue of same-sex marriage, I think there will be a great majority of Australians glad to see Mr Abbott confirming that an election promise is an election promise,” said ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace.

“With the fluidity of truth in politics at the moment, this is refreshing and welcome.”

Mr Wallace said that while he appreciated the PM’s personal stand on marriage and her efforts to keep the Labor policy consistent with her promise, the Party itself had shown that it paid no regard to election promises made on its behalf, when pandering to the Greens is seen to hold more political advantage.

“There is simply no way of representing the change of Labor policy as anything less than a broken promise, made two weeks in to an election campaign in which Labor was not faring well,” said Mr Wallace.

“A conscience vote by the Coalition or a defacto one that didn’t place an onus on Coalition members to vote in accord with Party promises, would have made the Coalition no better than Labor on this,” said Mr Wallace.

“Now there is a clear distinction between the two parties on something that a large proportion of the population hold very dear, for whom it is a vote changing issue.  And perhaps more importantly, they stand to maintain their integrity.”