4 November 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby has urged NSW MP Penny Sharpe to take a closer look at the so-called Safe Schools program.

ACL spokesperson Wendy Francis said it was clear the program, through its Minus 18 affiliate, teaches young girls seven ways to bind their chests, potentially harming breast development, as well as other radical sexual concepts not appropriate to minors.

Ms Francis said it was disingenuous of Ms Sharpe to accuse ACL of providing false information about the program when everything ACL references is freely available to children on websites promoted by the Safe Schools Coalition.

“Try accessing the website minus18.org.au, safeschoolscoalition.org.au or some of the groups listed at the back of this guide. Are any of them blocked? If so, for what reason? Speak to a teacher about the importance of allowing students to access them at school, and let them know why this matters,” states the Safe Schools STAND OUT resource.

The Safe Schools program encourages boys to wear girls’ school uniforms, use toilets of the opposite gender and says that segregated accommodation on school camps is an example of discrimination.

In the past week ACL distributed a clear briefing to politicians explaining the nature of the concerns which are shared by thousands of constituents who have emailed in recent weeks.

“The ACL briefing makes clear the link between Safe Schools and Minus18, as well as the nature of our concerns which are absolutely legitimate and shared by many parents” Ms Francis said.

“The grounds of the concerns are self-evident when one reads the content examples we have supplied. The material is not about anti-bullying, rather it is radically sexual and represents reckless, potentially harmful advice to minors.”

Mrs Francis said that the claim by SSCA that Minus18 is a separate organisation was disingenuous.

“They do not explain that Minus18 supplies much of the content, is a co-writer, has their logo on the content and posters, and encourages children to have their school firewalls altered to permit access to the Minus18 website. Very few schools would have the website enabled by default because of the highly sexual content it contains,” said Ms Francis.

“Thousands of Ms Sharpe’s constituents have sent her emails raising their legitimate concerns about the education of their children. I am sure that they will be very upset to hear that she has written them off as mostly homophobic and transphobic. This is an unfortunate smear that ignores the legitimate issues raised by concerned parents and constituents and communicated to Ms Sharpe and other parliamentarians.”

Ms Francis said the LGBTIQ political agenda was raising big concerns about what might come next if same-sex marriage was ever legislated.