For release: 27 January 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today applauds the Abbott Government’s plans to create a multi-national adoption program.

ACL’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis said this needs to be consistent with best-practice adoption procedures.

“Any adoption would need to be approached with a great deal of care. Adoption should only be considered for children who have been orphaned or who cannot be returned to their parents because of serious abuse or neglect.

“We hope this Federal Government initiative will streamline adoption processes and give parents who find themselves in ‘adoption limbo’ a better solution.

Although a multi-national solution will help overseas children, latest statistics reveal that a staggering 39,621 children are in foster care in Australia. Many of these children can never return to their biological parents. This is an urgent problem which must be addressed in our own country.

“Red tape and waiting lists have made it nearly impossible for parents to adopt children in Australia. Foster care has been proven to contribute to behavioural and mental problems in children. We need to adopt more efficient practices to transfer children from foster care into permanent homes.

“Children need and deserve a sense of permanency in an environment which closely resembles that of a biological mother and father.

“Children are longing to belong”.