For release: December 21, 2010

The Australian Christian Lobby today supported the Victorian government’s moves to investigate the viability of safe haven laws and to pursue the issue at a national level.

ACL spokesperson, Michelle Pearse says, “This is about the lives of human beings, and if safe haven laws could save lives as they are already in the US, then why not pass these laws in Australia as soon as possible?”

The Australian Christian Lobby believes that the issue needs to be discussed at the next COAG meeting in February, especially in light of the recent conviction of Keli Lane, who murdered her two day old daughter in 1996.

Ms Pearse says that there is evidence the problem is much larger than what appears on the surface. “We won’t know the full extent of the problem until safe haven laws are passed and babies that might have otherwise been aborted or birthed and then murdered are left alive and well in hospitals.”

“Every life is precious and especially the lives of newborns, and the government should be making every effort to protect the most innocent and vulnerable from being left in unsafe locations or of becoming victims of a much worse crime.”

Tasmanian Senator Helen Polley has been a long time advocate of safe haven laws and believes that Tegan Lane would still be alive to celebrate Christmas if safe haven laws were in place. “How many other babies that were aborted or killed without anyone’s knowledge would still be alive this Christmas if Australia already had safe haven laws?” Ms Pearse said.

“Women who are afraid of prosecution may risk the lives of their newborn child by leaving them outside at the mercy of the elements. Women who are not mentally stable at the time of giving birth should have a safe option of leaving their babies at the hospital without fear of prosecution.”