Attendees at the Tasmanian State Conference “Called to Courage” last weekend were treated to a smorgasbord of great messages. Jim Wallace kicked off with an inspirational talk about the need for us all to exhibit courage in our current environment. True courage, like that displayed on the battlefield, needs to be motivated in love for others not desperation in circumstances.

Keynote speaker Mal Fletcher (pictured) gave 80 minutes of incredible insight into the “social tsunami” we are facing. This wave is especially seen in the mind-blowing digital revolution we are part of, and maybe didn’t realise quite how quickly it is moving! We were challenged to enter into the cultural conversation around such changes, with curiosity, so we can have a role in shaping the future vision of society rather than standing back in judgement of it.

After lunch local Tasmanian leaders Senator Helen Polley, Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten, and MP Michael Ferguson shared about their own journeys, passions and personal costs in standing with courage for their convictions. Mal and Jim hosted a Q&A session and fielded many diverse questions from the audience with great wisdom and foresight.

After Jim’s summary and a quick exit to the airport with Mal, I concluded with some good news stories of locals who were shaping culture by enhancing individual lives within it.

All in all it was a very encouraging and informative day. Sad to have missed out? You can hear some of Mal’s great insights from the day here.