Media Release: Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prior to the Federal election the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) will be seeking commitments from the Government, the Opposition and other political parties to ensure that Australian aid funding will not be used for abortion services and that same-sex couples not be given de facto marriage status.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said that media reports today indicate that decisions on these matters will be deferred until after the election.

“ACL and its supporters do not wish to see either of these proposals given the goahead, either now or after the election,” Mr Wallace said.

“People need to know where the parties stand on these issues before casting their votes and so we will be seeking commitments from all political parties as to whether they plan to pursue these issues in the next term of Government.”

Mr Wallace said that Australian aid funding should provide for such things as food, clean water, sanitation and community development rather than being redirected to pay for abortion advice and services.

“ACL also does not wish to see the definition of de facto marriage extended to include same-sex couples or for ‘parenthood’ to be redefined in gender neutral terms,” Mr Wallace said.

“Where genuine instances of unjustified financial discrimination against same-sex couples are found, ACL recommends changing those specific laws to extend their provisions to include interdependent relationships.

“However we reject HREOC’s attempts to normalise same-sex relationships by extending the definition of de facto marriage and redefining parenthood.

“Such a move plays directly into the hands of activists whose long-term aim has been to redefine marriage and family.”

Media Contact: Glynis Quinlan