Friday, December 2nd, 2011

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has said the Labor Party must think carefully before it abandons the centre ground of politics and chases the Greens’ minority deconstructionist agenda.

“The great tragedy of the ALP National Conference debate on same-sex marriage is that we could have a once great party abandon the centre of politics on which election success depends to chase Greens voters, whose preferences would have always have come back to them, “ said Mr Wallace.

“It is the sort of inevitably illogical path you descend on when you embrace Greens’ ideology.

“If loving each other is the only prerequisite for marriage, we are set on an inevitable course to further broaden the definition to include other relationships such as polygamy, polyamory and who knows what else.

“The sad reality is that the Party, in adopting gay marriage, would be declaring that mothers or fathers don’t matter to children – just as Elton John clearly believes in denying his child knowledge of its mother,” he said.

The ACL pointed to the fact that even Getup!’s constituency placed this issue second last on a list of 12 issues of concern[i], a reality reflected continually in public polling on issues of concern[ii], where in the general community it didn’t feature prominently.

“When the so called “progressive” Getup! could only get less than 1/10th of its claimed 600,000 members to sign a petition in support of same-sex marriage in August, and despite engaging a global audience will still only get a fraction now, how does any Labor member really justify a platform change as something to win votes in the general community?” said Mr Wallace.

Supposed guarantees of legislation protecting the churches’ right to deny officiating at same-sex marriages would not comfort churches in the light of overseas experience which had seen militant atheists and same-sex marriage activists consistently wear away at such protections to attack freedom of religion and conscience.

“Supposed protections for the church have not worked overseas and particularly offer no protection to the exercise of freedom of conscience by individual Christians” he said.

“Ask the Christian civil celebrants who have lost their jobs or even the marriage photographers hauled into court for declining, on conscience, to be involved in same-sex marriages how much protection these guarantees afforded.

“This Conference decides the future of a Labor Party with a conference agenda that most people already consider is irrelevant to the problems confronting the nation,” said Mr Wallace.

“It will either decide to identify with mainstream Australia or the Greens, who have already alienated the majority of Australians with the arrogant way they have manipulated Labor’s agenda in government.”

[i] See Getup!’s 2008-2009 annual report, slide 14,

[ii] See polling done by Sexton Marketing Group in September 2011 which ranked same-sex marriage as the lowest issue of importance (page 25)