Saturday January 24, 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed election commitments from both major parties supporting chaplaincy and religious education in Queensland.

ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis said that in their answers to ACL’s election questionnaire, the Liberal National Party (LNP) and the Australian Labor Party committed support for chaplaincy services by Christian charities and churches.

The parties also said they were committed to maintaining the existing arrangements for religious instruction (RI), provided by churches and faith groups in Queensland schools.

“It is important for students to at least have the option to learn about the faith that has been so central to shaping  much of what has made Australia such an attractive society,” Ms Francis said.

“The bi-partisan support to maintain this shows that both parties recognise the place religious instruction has in our education system.”

The parties also gave answers indicating  they supported measures to restrict outdoor advertising to age-appropriate material in the interest of protecting children.

The Labor Party answered “a future Labor government would support measures to ensure that children are not exposed to age-inappropriate material.”

The LNP said it accepted the recommendation of a Parliamentary committee’s inquiry to increase penalties for advertisers who do not comply with the code of ethics.

“Children and families should be able to enjoy public spaces that are free from demeaning, violent, or sexualised images,” Ms Francis said. “Both parties have shown they understand how important this is.”

The Labor and LNP answers to ACL’s election questionnaire can be found here, along with answers from minor parties and independents on a range of subjects of concern to voters.