10 October 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed news of a DLP sponsored Bill to roll back Victoria’s permissive and inhumane abortion laws.

This follows significant rethinking of abortion in the US and Australia due to the Planned Parenthood baby parts for profit scandal, Australian Medical Association Northern Territory president Dr Robert Parker rejecting the over-the-phone abortion service and the passing of the ‘Pain Capable Unborn Children Protection Act’ in the US Congress’s lower-house.

ACL Victorian Director Dan Flynn said many women may not be aware that unborn babies can feel pain from at least 20 weeks gestation, yet can be aborted up until birth under Victoria’s abortion laws.

“Victoria’s extreme laws which allow even partial birth abortion, which is outlawed in the US, are inconsistent with the rest of the world,” Mr Flynn said, “This practice is only available in 5 countries out of 195 where the procedure is allowed.

“Importantly, the DLP bill not only protects children, but also provides Victorian women who find themselves with an unsupported pregnancy better choices. Not every woman in this position wants an abortion and this bill will expand the healthy and humane options available to mothers.

“It will also stop babies, who can feel every grasp of the abortionist’s pincers, from dying an unnecessarily painful death.

“ACL calls on the Victorian parliament to consider the community’s outpouring of compassion for the unborn.  Continuing the practice of inflicting pain on unborn babies must stop and it is certainly something Australian taxpayers should not be subsidizing through the Medicare Levy.”