For release: March 20, 2011

Julia Gillard’s re-statement of her mainstream values on marriage today and her recognition that the Bible is worth studying because it underpins much of western literature is welcome in the face of Greens’ pressure to redefine marriage.

Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Jim Wallace said that: “Those within Labor pushing it to follow the Greens’ line on same-sex marriage at December’s party conference risked causing the Party being defined in the minds of many ordinary Australians with the extremes of politics, which the PM rightly rejects.

“Australians expect both sides of politics to honour their election commitments on marriage and not have them stolen by the Greens, especially through their latest push to advance their agenda through the back door under the ruse of ‘territory rights’.

“Ms Gillard was right to re-state her view that Greens Leader Bob Brown is a ‘calculating politician’ .

“While the Prime Minister acknowledges she is not a believer, her comments supporting traditional values and the place of the Bible in shaping so much that is good about modern Australian society is also welcome in the face of pressure to downplay and redefine our cultural heritage,” Mr Wallace said.

Her comments on euthanasia, another priority of the Greens, were also welcome.

“The Prime Minister rightly acknowledges the compassion all of us feel for sufferers of terminal illness but as every state inquiry into euthanasia in the last four years has shown, she acknowledges it is simply impossible to design safeguards that can be guaranteed to protect the vulnerable ,” Mr Wallace said.

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