For release: Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Tonight’s overturning of marriage-mimicking Civil Partnership legislation is a message to Canberra that protecting marriage is popular, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

The LNP Government tonight kept its election promise to remove marriage-mimicking civil partnerships while not leaving same-sex couples in legal limbo, ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

Ms Francis also welcomed the announcement by the Attorney-General Jarrod Bleije that the LNP will amend the former Bligh Government’s controversial surrogacy laws to prohibit singles and same-sex couples from acquiring babies.

“ACL congratulates the Government on this move. This is the right thing and is in the best interest of the child, something the state is bound to uphold under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“There is a message to federal politicians currently subject to a propaganda war from activists that it is possible to resist the activists’ agenda.

“We appreciate the LNP protecting marriage in Queensland, given the abuse from intolerant activists, the Greens and GetUp that anyone standing up for marriage is subjected to."

Ms Francis said Labor’s championing of an activist agenda had not helped it at the last election and she was concerned that the Federal Government’s association with this agenda was damaging Labor’s brand with Christians in Queensland.

Under the new Register of Relationships, there will be no state sanctioned civil partnerships, no notaries (celebrants), there will no longer be a requirement for application to the District Court to terminate the relationship, relationships registered will not be referred to as spouse and they will not be homosexual-specific.

“As this week’s Parliamentary Inquiry found, there is no discrimination against same-sex couples in Australia and no case has been made for changing the definition of marriage,” Ms Francis said.