Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today welcomed Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s refusal to guarantee she would legalise gay marriage even if the ALP National Conference changes its policy on this issue.

ACL Managing Director Jim Wallace said this position is consistent with the clear pre-election commitment Ms Gillard gave to the Christian constituency that the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman would not be changed during the term of a re-elected Gillard Government.

“This clear commitment was given for the full term of Government – not just up until the ALP national conference. And the importance of not allowing this to change at the next Conference was acknowledged by Ms Gillard. It is a pledge of great importance to the Christian constituency and will be closely monitored to see whether Labor, under Julia Gillard, fulfils its commitment,” Mr Wallace said.

Mr Wallace also congratulated the Opposition for today voting against Greens’ MP Adam Bandt’s motion for MPs to seek constituents’ views on same-sex marriage.

“Since the PM pointed out to the Christian constituency that people could draw a lot of confidence in the security of marriage because both parties agreed on it, the unequivocal position of the Coalition is very welcome,” Mr Wallace said.

“This motion was obviously a meaningless stunt and it was good to see the Opposition not bowing to the Greens’ push to keep this issue in the limelight.”

Mr Wallace said that the Greens are following a deceptive agenda in pushing gay marriage as a discrimination issue.

“ACL has in the past supported out of a concern for justice, Government moves to amend more than 100 pieces of legislation to remove practical discrimination from same-sex couples. This issue of discrimination has effectively been dealt with,” Mr Wallace said. “To try and link gay marriage with discrimination is just another example of the deceptive way in which Greens’ agendas are progressed.

“This issue is not about discrimination, it is about protecting the model of marriage between a man and a woman - a model which remains a universal cultural mainstay proven over millennia. And for all the nonsense coming out of the Greens, it is too important to be treated as just another trophy for this two percent of the population and its selfishly intolerant activists.”