13 September 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today congratulated the Nationals Federal Council for carrying a motion to refer the so-called Safe Schools Coalition to a Senate inquiry.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the federal government’s $8 million program encouraged young girls to bind their chests so their breasts would not develop and contained sexual material so extreme the clerk of the Queensland Parliament banned it from parliament’s e-petition website.

“Why Mr Pyne allows ‘Safe Schools’ to promote chest binding to young girls is beyond me. According to its own information to girls, the practice has the “potential to be lethal” yet it is encouraged by our government. We have raised this repeatedly with the government yet nothing has been done.

“This is clearly not the sort of thing any responsible government should be promoting in primary and high schools,” Mr Shelton said.

“No child should be bullied at school but school was not the place to promote radical gender theory.”

The Nationals Federal Council meeting in Canberra yesterday passed a motion: “That this conference calls on the federal government to refer the future of the safe schools coalition to a Senate committee for a full inquiry and report”.