Media Release: Tuesday July 14, 2009

The Australian Christian Lobby today welcomed Qantas’ decision to refuse to screen a misleading GetUp advertisement on its flights.

“We wrote to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce last week urging him to check the accuracy of claims in the advertisement that the Rudd Government’s cybersafety plan for kids would cause “what happened in Iran to happen here”, ACL Chief of Staff Lyle Shelton said.

“Whilst we don’t begrudge any lobby group arguing its case vigorously in the public arena – as we ourselves do – it is important that the public are not misled even when humour and satire are being used to convey a message.

“We have been concerned that people might be responding to GetUp’s plea for money to screen its ad because of the misleading claim that the Rudd Government’s clean feed for kids election promise might lead to Iranian-style political repression,” Mr Shelton said.

“The GetUp ad is very funny and we wish we had the resources to make our campaigns as entertaining. However, political parody is not an excuse for playing loose with the truth, especially when raising money from the public.

“The Rudd Government is trying to do a noble thing for Australian kids and parents by providing a safer online environment through Internet Service Provider level filtering.

“Opponents of ISP filtering should await the results of trials now underway before passing judgement.”

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