Media Release

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the decision of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General not to provide an R18+ Classification for games.

Mr Wallace was one of the panellists at the Standing Committee of Attorney Generals today. The meeting included seeing a series of clips of examples of both film and game classifications.

“It was very clear to me that the great majority of AGs were in a state of bemusement that anyone could want to make or play many of these games and particularly those proposed for an R18+ rating,” Mr Wallace said.

“It is clear that the meeting failed to get support for the R18 classification as a result.

“The claims that the MA15+ rating for games contains a number of games that should be classified higher is simply admission of a failed system,” Mr Wallace said.

“The Australian Christian Lobby has called for a comprehensive review across all technologies and mediums including advertising and entertainment, for some time and particularly of the political parties during the last election.

“With the convergence of technologies and mediums we can no longer penny pick our solutions, as it seems they might be proposing to do in the future with a look at games only.

“Any classification system must be practical and enforceable across all the whole range of technologies and mediums of advertising and entertainment. To do anything less will be a waste of time,” Mr Wallace said.