The Australian Christian Lobby has called on the Liberal and National Parties to rule out any change to the Marriage Act unless there has been a people’s vote through a national plebiscite.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton welcomed Prime Minister Turnbull’s strong support for a people’s vote tonight during his interview with ABC1’s 7:30 host Leigh Sales.

“It was good to see the Prime Minister acknowledge that the plebiscite is overwhelmingly favoured by the Australian people,” Mr Shelton said.

However, asked what would happen if a hostile Senate refused to pass plebiscite enabling legislation, Mr Turnbull was not able to give a definitive answer if there was a push to send the issue back to Parliament.

“Changing the definition of marriage is a divisive issue that has far reaching consequences for children, freedom of speech, school sex education and freedom of religion.

“A vote of the Australian people is the best way to settle this but in the event of a Labor-Greens controlled Senate, the Liberal and National parties should make it very clear that a people’s vote is the only pathway for deciding this issue,” Mr Shelton said.

Labor and the Greens have vowed to oppose a people’s vote.

“People are only just starting to see that ‘Safe Schools’, legalising commercial surrogacy and restrictions to freedom of speech and religion are a package deal with redefining marriage,” Mr Shelton said.

“They are largely unaware that gay couples have all the same legal rights as cohabiting heterosexual couples through State-based civil partnerships and unions.

“A people’s vote will allow all Australians to make an informed choice,” Mr Shelton said.


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