The Australian Christian Lobby calls on the organisation Dying to Live to remove their advertisement mocking Jesus from national circulation. 

ACL’s Victorian director Dan Flynn said, “The act of Jesus dying on the cross for the sake of humanity is the personification of self-sacrificial love. It is an act revered not only by Christians but many people of faith. The fact that it is exploited for this advertisement demonstrates that it has broad cultural resonance.”  

“Our office has received countless phone calls and emails from supporters who believe this ad is a cheap device chosen to mock the beliefs of people of faith in Australia.”  

“Last night we launched a petition calling for the removal of the ad and we already have almost 2,000 signatures. It's clear that this is an issue which many feel strongly about.”  

“What is unfortunate is that this ad is prompting people to remove their name from the donor register – the very opposite response that this ad was meant to have.”  

“ACL supports the aims of the ad but regrets that a better way of selling the message was not chosen,” commented Mr Flynn.