The clear choices that voters face at the July 2 Federal Election are spelled out in the Australian Christian Lobby Election Guide, which has been released today.

ACL Managing Director Lyle Shelton said the election was a watershed for the future of Australia.

The Election Guide has been distributed to approximately 67,000, including churches and supporters. It is available online for printing or sharing on social media.

It is designed to help voters cut through the noise of the campaign and the 24-hour media cycle so that they can cast an informed vote.

"Australians have a choice to preserve the promised people's vote on marriage or to have a new definition of marriage imposed on the nation within 100 days,” Mr Shelton said.

In preparing the Guide, ACL closely examined where the major parties stood on marriage and the so-called Safe Schools program.

“Labor’s position on marriage and family has sadly taken a big shift to the extreme left in the past 12 months.

“The Guide details recent Labor policy to fund the teaching of gender fluidity theory to children, taxpayer-funded sex change operations and the erosion of freedom of religion.”

Mr Shelton said while Christians generally held conservative positions on social policy, they cannot be pigeonholed as being left or right.

“We are concerned about social justice at all levels and the Election Guide highlights the major parties’ failings towards the world’s poorest and most vulnerable,” he said.

“However, this seismic shift on social policy by Labor has been accompanied by a growing hostility towards Christians and other Australians who share our views on marriage and family.

“Sadly, marriage has become a touchstone issue for measuring the suitability of someone’s place in Australian society. Increasingly, Christians are finding themselves on the wrong side of elite opinion and branded homophobes simply for wishing to uphold the timeless definition of marriage,” he said.

“The Coalition Government is promising to hold a plebiscite on the definition of marriage. But Labor is committed to changing the definition of marriage within 100 days if elected.

“Bill Shorten has explicitly said Labor would provide no protections for the religious freedom of lay people who do not agree with same-sex marriage. This means people who supply services to the wedding industry could end up in court for living out their beliefs about marriage.

“A marriage plebiscite is therefore the only way that we can secure both the future of marriage, the rights of children to their mum and dad and our freedoms to believe and practice our faith.

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