The best interests of the child must always come first and governments should not legislate changes that would deliberately deprive children of either a mother and a father. This is why ACL believes the current Adoption Legislation in Queensland should not be changed. 

Alternative family structures that mean a child will miss out on a mum or dad have been proposed by a new adoption bill under consideration in Queensland Parliament.

Submissions to a committee considering the Adoption and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 closed earlier this month. The bill was put forward by Labor MP Shannon Fentimann. If enacted it would enable same-sex couples and single parents to adopt.  

Queensland Director Wendy Francis made written and oral submissions to the committee on behalf of ACL arguing that the best interests of the child were not served by extending eligibility to alternative family structures.

Ms Francis maintained that consideration of the eligibility requirements should be examined using an evidence-based approach to adoption policy that ensures the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration.

Drawing on research that examined child outcomes for children from single-parent families and same-sex parenting, evidence was put forward that the well-being of children is best served when they experience the love of both a mother and father in a safe, secure and stable relationship.

Speaking to the committee, Francis said, “It is a fact of nature that men and women are required to produce a child. Men and women then go on to provide unique, complementary roles, both of which are important in the development of children.”

You can read ACL’s written submission here.