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The inclusion of radical gender ideology in a draft syllabus for NSW has been scrutinised by the Australian Christian Lobby.

The draft syllabus for stage 6 (years 11 and 12) English, Mathematics, Science and History is currently under development in NSW. The process allowed for community consultation and ACL was able to provide a submission to the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards in August.

The focus of the ACL submission went to the inclusion of “gender perspectives” in a number of subjects.

Given the number of incidences of radical gender ideology highlighted in schools in recent months, ACL is concerned that the inclusion of such requirements may become a tool for activists to exploit.

It is unclear what evidence-based research forms the basis for the requirement that the selection of texts either should, or must, give students a wide range of gender perspectives.

ACL believes that deconstructing gender and sexuality and adopting a social theory approach to define gender, through the inclusion of textual examination of gender perspectives, should not be incorporated into school syllabuses.

One wonders if consideration has been given to the potential consequences for students who have views about gender that differ from the texts being studied. These may include discrimination towards students who do not share the texts’ views of gender and sexuality, as well as isolation, the fostering of racial and religious tensions, marginalisation, and prejudice amongst peers.

You can read ACL’s submission to the syllabus development process here.