Cairns MP, Rob Pyne, has introduced a private members bill named Abortion Law Reform (Women's Right to Choose) Amendment Bill 2016. If passed, the bill would remove provisions relating to abortion from the Criminal Code in Queensland. The bill is now before a committee which will consider the bill in detail.

ACL made a submission to the committee in June opposing the bill. 

The bill does not put in place any limitations on gestational period, meaning that abortion would be able to be performed for any reason up until birth - with no restrictions.

During the 2015 election campaign, both major parties stated they had no intention of changing abortion legislation.

In addition to violating the right to life, this bill’s simple approach of removing the provisions under the criminal code means that it does not accord with the complex views of the community, a community which is opposed to abortion in a range of circumstances, including late term abortion. QLD polling on abortion shows that people would also like to see counselling and cooling off periods.

Women should never be placed in a situation where they feel that abortion is the only option they have. More assistance and support for these women to continue their pregnancy would provide genuine choice. 

You can view a copy of our submission here.