The Australian Christian Lobby today called on the Berejiklian Government to abandon proposed legislation to extend Boxing Day trading across New South Wales.

The Government previously passed laws permitting a two-year Boxing Day trading trial across NSW. The legislation has undergone a review and the Government wants Boxing Day trading to continue.

ACL NSW Director Kieren Jackson pointed to the pressure that Boxing Day trade places on families to cut short Christmas celebrations.

“Removing shopping restrictions on Boxing Day means families must sacrifice valuable family holiday time,” Mr Jackson said.

“Even though the Government assures workers they won’t be forced to work, anyone who's held a casual or part-time job knows that there is always pressure to work public holidays.”

“Families are under enormous pressure with so many demands pulling in many directions it shouldn’t be too much to ask that they spend the full Christmas break with their loved ones. We urge the Government to think of the families of retail workers across NSW and abandon these plans.” Jackson said.