This week SYN FM broadcast a spirited debate between Victorian Director Dan Flynn and Tim Colwill, founder of R18+ Games Australia, concerning video game violence and its effect on children.

Federal Government legislation has created a new category of R18+ Video games that will commence on 1 January 2013. State Governments are enacting enforcement legislation to reflect the change.

The levels of sex and violence standards contained in the new R18+ category have been set by guidelines determined by all State Attorneys- General.

ACL has consistently argued that its tentative support for the creation of the new R18+ category was on the basis that games currently inappropriately rated MA15+ be moved into the higher classification to send a clear message to parents and children that these games were extremely unsuitable for children.

New South Wales MP Greg Donnelly has reportedly stated that after the introduction of the new rating, steps will be taken to reclassify at least 50 games currently rated MA15+ to R18+,where those games were previously shoehorned into the MA15+ category

It is of the utmost importance that material that is currently refused classification (RC) retain that classification. It appears, from comments by Tim Colwill in this debate, that he agrees.