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“You can’t be used by multiple men day in and day out and think that you are actually empowered,” – former prostituted woman 'Julie', who worked underage in a Canberra legal brothel.

ACL’s Australian Capital Territory Director Nick Jensen featured last night in an ABC 7:30 ACT story on brothel laws in Canberra.

A Parliamentary Inquiry is underway following the tragic death of 17-year-old Janine Cameron from a drug overdose in a Canberra legal brothel in 2008.

In its submission to the inquiry, ACL calls for the introduction of the Swedish model of prostitution laws which penalise men, not the female victim of prostitution.

As Nick points out in the interview, this policy approach has now been adopted in Norway, Iceland and South Korea.

Sadly, ACT Attorney General Simon Corbel wants it to remain legal for men in the ACT to buy sex from prostituted women in brothels saying the Government wants prostitution to be “safe as possible”.

It is difficult to see how a brothel could provide workplace health and safety standards anywhere close to those required by other workplaces employing 18 year old girls.