What does the US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage mean for Australia? - Including quotes from ACL's Lyle Shelton

Biwa Kwan - SBS

As same sex marriage is legalised in more states in America, what implications does the US Supreme Court Ruling have for the same sex marriage debate in Australia?


Woman with womb transplant marvels at baby


Gothenburg, Sweden: The parents of the first baby born to a woman who had a womb transplant say they hope they can be an inspiration to others struggling with infertility.

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Hillsong Church leader blamed victim for abuse, royal commission told

Rachel Browne - SMH

Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston allegedly told his father's sexual abuse victim that he brought the crime upon himself by tempting his abuser.


Sword removed in counter-terrorism raids a common plastic decoration, owner reveals

Rachel Olding - SMH

It was one of the most frightening, powerful images to emerge from counter-terrorism raids across Sydney last month.


School chaplaincy program agreed to by ACT Government

Kathleen Dyett - ABC

The ACT Government has agreed to take part in the Federal Government's contentious school chaplaincy program on a limited basis.


Same-sex marriage becomes legal in five more US states

Nick O’Malley - SMH

Same-sex marriage has become legal in another five states in the United States after the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal that would have overturned earlier court rulings in favour of gay marriage.


John Faulkner demands factions, unions step aside for Labor revival

Sid Maher - The Australian

LABOR elder John Faulkner has taken aim at the factional warlords and union bosses blocking party reform, declaring those standing in the way of change risk “steering us straight for the rocks’’.

Electoral redistribution puts NSW federal seat at risk

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

LABOR faces the possible loss of another seat in its heartland of western Sydney, with an electoral redistribution likely to strip a seat from NSW and give it to the Coalition stronghold of Western Australia.

John Faulkner spells out radical reforms for Labor Party renewal

Paul Kelly - The Australian

CREATIVE destruction is a process essential to the renewal not just of economies but of political parties. Applying this law, former ALP Senate leader John Faulkner has now gone beyond his previous stance and wants the busting of Labor’s power structure in the cause of democratic renewal.


AFP asked to investigagte Immigration Minister Scott Morrison over alleged leak

Sarah Whyte - SMH

The Australian Federal Police has been asked to investigate Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and his staff for leaking details of a confidential internal security report from Nauru to a journalist.

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Jihadists penetrate key Syrian town of Kobane

John Lyons - The Australian

THE US-led coalition has suffered its first major defeat as Islamic State fighters pushed into parts of the strategic Syrian city of Kobane, allowing jihadists to hoist their black flag within sight of the Turkish border.