PM's job comes down to leadership spill
THE Rudd government is in chaos just weeks from an election, with its two most popular leaders staging a fight to the death this morning.

Rot set in after the ETS debacle
LATE yesterday, Julia Gillard and John Faulkner walked into Kevin Rudd's office for a discussion about the future direction of the government.

New bid to legalise voluntary euthanasia
The lobby group Dying With Dignity says it is thrilled the Tasmanian Government plans to look at legalising voluntary euthanasia.

States addicted to gambling revenue
STATE governments rake in about $5 billion a year from gambling taxes and Labor has reaped millions in political donations.

Response to pokies reform is an eye-roller
THE federal government is battling allegations it has ducked an opportunity to curb poker machine gambling after referring a sweeping review of the industry to another intergovernmental committee.

We must help mentally ill
THE government needs to set priorities and determine what are sufficient remedies to homelessness, says Gary Johns.

State plans euthanasia reform
From yesterday's Mercury in Tasmania (website not updated with today's story quoting ACL yet)
TASMANIA is set to become the first Australian state to legalise euthanasia after a surprise announcement yesterday.

Law fails children exposed to harm
THE Family Law Act is failing to protect children from ongoing trauma at the hands of abusive and violent fathers, a new study has found.

Housing groups leave most needy in the cold
SOCIAL housing associations have failed to provide for the state's most needy, with an auditor-general's report finding that not a single person from the highest-needs section of the waiting list was placed in an association property last year.