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PM Julia Gillard accused of double deal

LABOR figures are blaming Kevin Rudd for leaking claims that Julia Gillard welshed on a deal that would have allowed him to remain prime minister.

Fight looms over number of poll debates

LABOR is set to spark a showdown with the Liberals after it was revealed only one debate was likely between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

Gillard says Coation asylum-seeker policy akin to Labor's

JULIA Gillard has tried to neutralise the toxic issue of unauthorised boat arrivals for Labor. And she has made the extraordinary claim that Tony Abbott's policy was now close to hers and there was a growing consensus between the two sides of politics.

No backing yet but Indonesia prepared to talk on East Timor

INDONESIA would not endorse the Gillard government's East Timor asylum seeker solution yesterday, despite a personal briefing from the Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith, in Jakarta.

Policies 'fail to cut emissions'

COALITION climate policies would restrict greenhouse gas emissions more effectively than the government's promises but both would fail to cut them, an analysis has found.

Iran stoning halted, but family in danger

IRAN has formally suspended the execution by stoning of an Iranian woman for alleged adultery, after facing international outrage.

Drugs ignored in youth violence guidelines

A Federal Government report into youth violence has made 13 recommendations, however none of them mention drugs or alcohol.

What's happening to school funding?

It's clear that a federal election is imminent and that the ALP Government, with Julia Gillard at the helm, is doing everything possible to nullify what it sees as obstacles to being re-elected. Home insulation, refugees, the super mining tax and universal broadband are all policy issues and programs either deferred or where the Government has performed an abrupt about-face. Now school funding can be added to the list.