Just yobbos, not a crisis of multiculturalism

David Penberthy – The Punch

Is the case of the niqab-clad Sydney woman who berated a police officer and fronted court this week with an aggressive all-male cheer squad a sign that multiculturalism has failed? Or does it merely signal that the people involved in this case are simply a bunch of persecuted, trouble-making ratbags who would rather have a fight than a feed?

Call for porn laws overhaul

Tim Dick – SMH

Australia's censorship system is fundamentally flawed, it fails to protect children from pornography and it does not prevent the legal availability of ''graphic depictions of actual sex'' in some places, according to a Senate committee report.

Motherhood may be hard, but it brings a whole lotta love

Motherhood has always been exquisitely and elusively problematic. The opinion piece by Clem Bastow betrays a narrow grasp of this complexity.

O'Connor backs R18 rating for games. Handsley softens stance?

Nick Ross – ABC Technology and Games

Minister for Justice, Brendan O'Connor appeared on 891 ABC Adelaide earlier today. He came out in full support of an adult rating for video games (again). Professor Elizabeth Handsley also appeared on the program. Interestingly, her opposition to the R18 classification debate seems to be softening. Judge for yourself. The full unedited transcript is below:-

The beginning of the end in Afghanistan

Jane Cowan – ABC News

Two years ago Afghanistan was a “war of necessity”.

But a perfect storm of factors forced the US President to look harder than ever for a rationale to end the conflict.

Can we make pokies safer?

Charles Livingstone – The Drum

The Four Corners program on pokie reform reminded me that most people don't understand that Australian pokies are a fairly risky form of 'entertainment'.

Pollies poking around on Facebook

Thomas Tudehope – The Drum

As NSW Parliament erupted in cries and counter-cries of racism, press secretaries and Chiefs of Staff scrambled around their respective offices in a rush to either shut down or quickly audit the Facebook pages of their Ministers and Members.

Changing the gender paradigm: it's women's work

Jennifer Wilson – Online Opinion

We're expecting a new childin our family shortly. While I was in the US recently, I looked for baby clothes. To my irritation, everything from newborn and up was sex specific, and so extreme that to dress an infant in clothes designed for the sex that it was not, would have to be an act of irony or willful resistance.

Let the disadvantaged manage their own income

Paul McDonald – Online Opinion

Each year Anglicare Victoria surveys some of the 60,000 Victorians who use our emergency relief services. The survey outcomes paint a vivid picture of the lives and situation of those in our society who are battling hard to make ends meet. It tells us how much they have to live on, what they spend their money on and how they manage when the money runs out.

Tony Abbott's challenge is to accentuate the positive

Dennis Shanahan – The Australian

Tony Abbott has low personal appeal to voters, is running a short-term campaign in a long-term race and is under enormous pressure to become more positive.

Labor is running a desperate campaign focused on the Opposition Leader's personality and some of his own colleagues are mumbling about his performance being hollow and in need of a policy injection.

'Anti Jews' behind kosher kill ban

Stuart Rintoul – The Australian

Any attempt to ban kosher ritual slaughter after the Indonesian live animal export controversy would be opposed by every rabbi and Jewish organisation in Australia, a leading Sydney rabbi says.

Police seek law change to lift veils

Anna Patty and Leesha Mckenny – SMH

The state government is seeking advice on new laws that would extend police powers to ask traffic offenders to remove a face veil for identification.

David Tyree explains his 'anarchy' comments on gay marriage

Lee Warren – Christian Post

As the New York state legislature debates the legalization of gay marriage, former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree, star of Super Bowl XLII, continues to speak about the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

Taxpayers cop red-tape madness

Carly Crawford and Peter Mickelburough – Herald Sun

Rules about school fetes and bans on graffiti have been vetted at massive taxpayer expense to make sure they do not breach Victoria's human rights charter.