All talk, no action to halt wages bil

Sean Nicholls - SMH

The last time the Reverend Fred Nile was involved in a filibuster in the NSW upper house, he arrived in a wheelchair wearing pyjamas and slippers.

Children turned away under Malaysia Solution


Asylum seeker children who arrive alone on Australian shores after surviving a perilous journey will be turned away and sent to Malaysia for processing as part of the government's so-called Malaysia Solution.

Religious leaders back carbon tax


Monks and rabbis have stood alongside Catholics and Anglicans in Canberra to show support for the federal government's plan to tackle climate change.

Pornstars in powder: sexism and snow

Rachael Oakes-Smith – The Age

Sex sells and the snow industry is not immune to the odd (and I mean odd) Benny-Hill-meets-Hugh-Hefner style of circa 1973 marketing. The Playboy bunny is the first cousin of the Snow Bunny after all, or some would have you believe.

Canberra to act on cyber threat

Dylan Welch and Dan Oakes – The Age

AUSTRALIA is to create its first national cyber strategy to confront the growing threat of electronic espionage, with one of the nation's most senior public servants disclosing that his department endures ''daily'' electronic intrusions.

Sharia push surprises Muslim bodies

Chris Merritt – The Australian

THE push for Islamic law in Australia is at odds with the views of Victoria's Muslim community, was launched without widespread consultation and has surprised some of the nation's leading Islamic organisations.

Desperate Labor grasping at straws

Dennis Shanahan – The Australian

THE so-called "new paradigm" of minority government and a newly negotiated approach to parliamentary behaviour is a pathetic parody of civilised political discourse and democratic expression. All the rhetoric, grand plans and highfalutin' language thrown about last year as Julia Gillard negotiated a parliamentary majority with the independents and Greens have proved hollow.

Victorians can choose to hire Christians

Suzanne Schokman – Eternity

Christian groups in Victoria can  continue recruiting staff based on Christian values, after  the new Liberal government overturned a law passed by the previous  government.

What's OK for outdoor ads?


This week's about-face by outdoor advertising company Adshel over the acceptability of safe-sex posters in Queensland tackled the immediate crisis, but the wider issue remains: what is appropriate for an outdoor ad?

Australian fashion experts concerned as teenagers undress to impress

Laura Speranza & Caroline Marcus – Herald Sun

TEENAGE girls are flaunting more skin than ever, raising the eyebrows of many women across Melbourne as hemlines get shorter and shorter. Girls as young as 13 are purposely - and proudly - revealing breasts, backsides, navels and backs, and wearing clothing so tight and fitted that little is left to the imagination.