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Offshore processing 'years away'
HOME Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor says an offshore refugee processing centre may not be set up in Labor's next term if re-elected.

Labor closer to Coalition on asylum seeker issue

LABOR has closed the gap on the Coalition over the asylum seeker issue despite Julia Gillard's policy announcement threatening to unravel.

Name team, Coalition tells PM

THE opposition says Julia Gillard is not revealing who will be her foreign affairs, defence and finance ministers if Labor is re-elected.

Power not a God-given right

IT'S become increasingly clear in the past decade that religion did not actually die out simply because intellectuals may have willed it to; and that even as faith becomes more tenuous and variegated, its political implications become more complex.

Euthanasia 'bad medicine, worse policy': campaigner

An anti-euthanasia advocate from the United States wants Tasmanian politicians to reject assisted suicide legislation as bad medicine and even worse public policy.