Labor tells Julia Gillard: back same-sex marriage

Michael McKenna and Rosanne Barrett – The Australian

Julia Gillard is under increasing pressure to legalise gay marriage after the Queensland Labor state conference yesterday overwhelmingly passed a motion for federal Labor to introduce equal rights for "all adult couples" who wish to formalise their union.

Gambling reforms vital to leading role in world health: experts

Julia Medew – SMH

High-profile health experts have thrown their weight behind anti-gambling measures being considered by the federal government, saying Australia must act to maintain its position as a world leader in public health.

Charter gives protection to the rights we all share

Spencer Zifcak – SMH

The Victorian government's review of the state's Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, which is mandated in legislation, could dramatically change how the charter operates and its ability to protect vulnerable Victorians.

Fascism and faith prove too hot for outdoor advertising giant

Amanda Meade - The Australian

Outdoor advertising giant APN has refused to display two posters on government-owned buses for Ten's new prime-time TV show Can of Worms.

The posters that were rejected are based on questions that will be put to guest panellists on Ian "Dicko" Dickson's new show, due to air next month.

Greens 'as bad as Labor' if they support government over refugee deal

Kirsty Needham – SMH

The Greens would be as responsible as Labor for the Malaysia refugee deal if they did not withdraw their support for the federal government, the leader of opposition business, Christopher Pyne, has said.

Gender equality – a delicate balancing act for Fair Work Australia

Malcom Colless – Online Opinion

The sensitive issue of gender equality is back in the spotlight with a preliminary ruling late last month by Fair Work Australia on pay rates in the community services industry.

Abbott calls for people's vote on carbon tax

ABC Online

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he will introduce a bill into Parliament today demanding the Government hold a plebiscite on its proposed carbon tax.

Rudd muses in church over 2010 sacking


Former prime minister Kevin Rudd said he has "mused in church" over losing the country's top job.

What Gillard needs to hear about same-sex marriage

Jacqueline Tomlins

My partner, Sarah, and I have good cause to want to have dinner with the Prime Minister. It was our marriage in Canada in 2003 that prompted the Howard government to amend the Marriage Act to exclude recognition of overseas same-sex marriages and define marriage as between ''one man and one woman''.

Democracy is evil, Parliament is evil’ says radical Muslim cleric in billboard debate

Clayton Hinds – Christian Today Australia

Democracy and parliaments are evil declared a radical Australian Muslim cleric in Sydney on Friday night during a debate with two Christian politicians.

Prostitution: Should The Laws Change?

Faye Joyce – Canadian News

Courts Have Been Hearing the Sides of How Canada’s Prostitution Laws Are Endangering Sex Workers.