The abortion debate has gone beyond slogans

Joel Hodge - The Punch
Most people agree that we, as a society, want to decrease the number of abortions. Like any grand statement, the means to getting to this end will be the judge of our seriousness and principles.  Tory Shepherd is right to point out our goals cannot be achieved through “guilt, hate and fear mongering”.  She is also right to point out the paucity of our sexual education. However, we should be careful in this debate about labels, over-generalisations and the construction of the “other side” as enemy.

Egyptian Christians recount the upheaval now behind them and consider the future before their country

Jamie Dean - Worldmag
Every morning for 18 days, Egyptian Sylvia Zaki prayed the words of Psalm 91 like her life depended on it. In many ways, it did. From her home in downtown Cairo, near the outskirts of Tahrir Square, the 37-year-old evangelical Christian could smell the wafting tear gas and hear the thundering sounds of Egypt's revolution: chanting crowds, gunfire, tanks, helicopters, and F-16 fighters overhead.

Dee Why RSL holds church services

Daily Telegraph
Prayers are projected on a widescreen and instead of an organ, hymns are backed by a band - with a drummer and two guitarists. Welcome to Sunday morning church service at Dee Why RSL. As the pastor prays for God to help earthquake-ravaged New Zealand, the crowd replies amen - and that is as far as the traditional service goes. Pastors pray into a microphone on stage, illuminated by blue, red, pink and yellow spotlights, while babies play with rattles on the floor. Cara Schipper of Forestville discovered Grace City Church while at her mothers' group - also held at the club. "I said, 'You are kidding me, a church service at an RSL?' but it's great. It has a real family feel. You don't feel like you have to leave because your baby starts to cry," Mrs Schipper said.

Gynaecologists recommend abortion safer than having a baby

Daily Telegraph
Pro-life campaigners are outraged after doctors recommended advising pregnant women that abortion is safer than having the baby. The draft guidance - drawn up by 18 senior gynaecologists, nurses and abortion providers from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists - recommended that women considering terminations be told that "abortion is generally safer than continuing pregnancy to term," the Sunday (London) Telegraph reported. The guidance, which would be given to doctors, nurses and counsellors advising pregnant women, also says women must be told that most do not suffer any psychological harm following abortions.

Libyans, and the world, corner Gaddafi

The Australian
The noose tightened around Muammar Gaddafi last night as his regime handed out guns to civilian supporters, set up checkpoints and sent armed patrols roving the terrorised capital after rebels consolidated control elsewhere in Libya.   As violence mounted, the Libyan leader came under growing pressure from the international community to halt the crackdown on his people, in which his goons have killed more than 1000 people in five days. Outside the capital, rebels held a long swath of about half of Libya's 1600km of Mediterranean coastline, where most of the population lives.