Abusive labels and slurs no substitute for real debate

Lyle Shelton – The Drum

Without passing or implying judgement on homosexuals, ACL has been the subject of a vitriolic backlash in the online and social media in the past week.

Christian practice to have its day in court

David Barrett – The Age

LONDON: The British government will be forced to say whether it supports the rights of Christians to wear the cross and opt out of diversity legislation as part of a landmark legal case.

Catholic hospital bars contraception advice

Julie Robotham – The Sydney Morning Herald

CANCER doctors are on a collision course with a Catholic health organisation over new religion-based rules which prohibit them recommending contraception to patients taking a drug derived from thalidomide, which can cause severe birth defects

Pope Decries 'Disintegration' of Marriage

Associated Press

ZAGREB, Croatia—Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up his visit to Croatia on Sunday by denouncing the "disintegration" of family life in Europe and calling for couples to make a commitment to marry and have children, not just live together.

Julia Gillard told to test the carbon tax at the polls

Philip Hudson – Herald Sun

THE Federal Opposition says it is not surprising voters want Julia Gillard to call an election before introducing a carbon tax because Australians feel betrayed by the Prime Minister.

Desperate Labor cannot be believed on asylum seekers

Michelle Grattan – The Sydney Morning Herald

THE Gillard government is hoist on its own petard of expediency and illogicality over the contradictions in its ''Malaysian solution''.

Chris Bowen rejects Nauru option for aslyum seekers


IMMIGRATION Minister Chris Bowen has rejected the idea of again processing asylum seekers on Nauru on the grounds that people sent there ended up in Australia anyway and it didn't deter people smugglers.

Jack Kevorkian's horrible career offers a warning against legalising euthanasia

Tim Stanley – The Telegraph

The American euthanasia advocate Jack Kevorkian passed away on Friday, aged 83. Kevorkian claimed to have helped more than 130 people to die during his career, beginning with the assisted suicide of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease in 1990. He advertised his services as a “death counselor” in a Detroit newspaper. Many of the killings were performed with euthanising drugs administered by his DIY Thanatron (“death machine”), or else by asphyxiation with the use of his patented Mercitron (“mercy machine”). Kevorkian was tried and found guilty of second-degree murder in 1999 and sentenced to 10-25 years in prison. He got out on parole in 2007. He claimed he had a terminal illness, but was fit enough to run for Congress in 2008. “Dr Death” took 2.6 percent of the vote.

Kids must be protected from raunchy content

Evonne Barry and Michael Harvey – Herald Sun

AN avalanche of sexually explicit ads and music videos is threatening children's innocence, child advocates say.

And they say the Federal Government should step in to protect kids from sexual imagery.

'Obedient Wife Club' urges women to be 'whores in bed'


A group of Malaysian women launched an "Obedient Wife Club" on Saturday, urging members to be "whores in bed" and obey their husbands to curb social ills like divorce and domestic violence.

Katter's party not a One Nation force: analyst


Political analyst Paul Williams says federal independent MP Bob Katter's new Australian Party is unlikely to have much impact on Queensland politics.