Rudd confuses Labor campaign with uncertainty about future roll

KEVIN Rudd's future role in a Labor government is confusing the ALP's election campaign. Tony Abbott has called for his exclusion from cabinet and the former prime minister vehemently denies treating national security with disdain.

ABC picks sides while the 'editor-in-chief' watches on

AT the end of this five-week election campaign, the ABC will study its performance and, if past reviews are a guide, the broadcaster will conclude it was fair to both major parties. Others will point to examples where one side got coverage and the other did not.

Boy's anguish as culture put before safety

IN a remote indigenous community, as a traditional funeral ceremony was under way earlier this year, a boy celebrated his ninth birthday.

Fertility key to sustainable population

Julia Gillard has deliberately confused population policy with refugee policy    IF you are sick and tired of hearing about population as a "divisive" issue in this election, then join the club. Everyone is talking about population and no one is talking about the right thing.  What is more, various groups, are deliberately confusing different aspects of population policy for their own propaganda.

Green threat on preferences

THE Greens may punish Labor over its ‘‘copout’’ on climate change by not directing preferences to the party in seats that are not part of an existing  deal.