Mental health facilities labelled 'prisons'

The State Government says it will improve mental health care in WA in light of a new report which labels some medical facilities 'prisons'. The Mental Health Minister, Helen Morton has welcomed the Council of Official Visitors' report into mental health which found conditions at some facilities are poor. Bentley Adolescent Unit has come under particular criticism for its design, with the report saying the facility "resembles a prison rather than a hospital".

Candidate cloud to overshadow Greens wins

James Madden - The Australian
Despite the likelihood of picking up their first lower house seats in the history of the NSW parliament, the Greens will go into today's state election with a cloud hanging over the party as the backlash against one of their key candidates gathers momentum. Fiona Byrne, who is tipped to win the inner-west seat of Marrickville, has attracted sharp criticism this week after it was revealed that she twice gave misleading information about her support for a boycott of Israeli goods and culture.

NSW Labor to win only 19 seats: Newspoll

Imre Salusinszky - The Australian
The Australian Labor Party, the traditional party of government in NSW, will be reduced to a rump following today's state election. The latest Newspoll predicts Labor will hold barely a third of its seats in the NSW parliament.Primary support for the government sits at an equal all-time low of 23 per cent, while support for the Coalition is more than double this figure at 50 per cent.

Right MPs warn against euthanasia push

The Australian
Senior right-wing Labor MPs are speaking out against new legislation paving the way for South Australia to become the first state to allow doctor-assisted euthanasia. The serious concerns of members of the dominant Right faction, including Treasurer Jack Snelling and factional head Don Farrell, have thrown the proposal into doubt after a "historic" passing of the bill on Thursday in the lower house from the second reading stage into committee.

Are Christians humans, too?

President Obama, on those rare occasions when he defends his Libya policy at all, focuses on Col. Muammar Qaddafi’s threats of “no mercy” to the rebels in his strife-torn North African satrapy. It’s a “humanitarian” imperative. America, the president says, has a moral duty to intervene when millions are threatened with extermination. In the Sudan, some 5 million Africans have died for decades at the hands of the Islamist government in Khartoum. So brutal has been the rule of Omar al-Bashir that when the majority of Christians and followers of traditional African religions in South Sudan recently had the chance to vote on separation, most regions registered near unanimous votes to break away. Yet there have been no calls from the Obama administration, or previous administrations, for the United States to intervene militarily in the Sudan. Which leads us to ask: Are Christians humans, too? How is it that when U.S. administrations have been willing to spend blood and treasure for endangered peoples in the post-Communist era, it has been the case that we will intervene when Muslims are threatened, not when it is Christians who are being slaughtered?

Target Sues Gay Marriage Petitioners for Disruption

Christian Post
Target Corporation is suing a gay marriage protest group for driving away customers from its San Diego, Calif., stores. Superior Court Judge Jeffrey B. Barton heard initial arguments Friday morning between Target Corp. and Canvass for a Cause. The judge plans to issue a ruling next week. The group, founded by “pissed off activists” according to the website, says it canvasses at shopping malls, college campus and stores like Target to collect signatures and donations in support of gay marriage.