Voters say ‘no’ to marriage

Andie Noonan - Star Observer

Residents of the federal seat of Wills, taking in the Victorian suburbs of Brunswick, Pascoe Vale, Coburg and Fawkner, have indicated they are against allowing same-sex marriage in Australia.

Wills Labor MP Kelvin Thomson released the results of his same-sex marriage survey last month which showed a low level of participation in the area, with most agreeing they don’t want to see Australia’s Marriage Act changed.

ALP ready to debate gay marriage

AAP - Herald Sun

LABOR supporters have been invited to make submissions on policy, including gay marriage, for debate at the national conference in December.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has launched a website calling on members and individuals to suggest changes to party policy up for debate.

They're married but that doesn't count for US visa

Jim O'Rourke - SMH

An Australian man may be separated from his American husband because of a controversial US law that discriminates against same-sex couples.

Power at last, but have the Greens got the goods to deliver?

Melissa Fyfe - The Age

Incoming senator Lee Rhiannon encapsulates the debate about what kind of party the Greens want to be - protest or mainstream.

Call to widen human rights charter

Farrah Tomazain - The Age

Victorians would be able to sue the state government and any public agencies for breaching their political, social or economic rights, under a proposed revamp of the human rights charter.

PM's dirt unit is dug up

Samantha Maiden - The Sunday Telegraph

A shadowy unit within the Gillard Government is instructing Labor advisers on how to compile secret dossiers on political rivals.

Party donors fly Abbott to Nauru in style

Jessica Wright - SMH

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has chartered a private jet to Nauru to discuss asylum-seeker policy, with all expenses picked up by Liberal Party donors.

Middle class turn to welfare vouchers as rising cost of living hits families

The Sunday Telegraph

Thousands of families in wealthy suburbs are seeking welfare vouchers to pay household bills and one in 10 have taken on a second job to cope with the rising cost of living.

Time to round up Rudd

Miranda Devine - The Sunday Telegraph

If ever Australia needed a Foreign Minister it is now. Yet Kevin Rudd is AWOL, determined to be of as little help as possible to the woman who robbed him of his prime ministership a year ago.

While Rudd is swanning around a United Nations AIDS conference in New York, the cattle industry in northern Australia is on the brink of disaster and Indonesia is calling for an urgent resolution to safeguard its meat supplies before Ramadan.

I absolutely love him, but his shed is my no-go zone

Charles Wooley - SMH

The PM and her partner get territorial in their first television interview, writes Charles Wooley. There's now a no-go area in The Lodge where the Prime Minister of Australia may not enter. It's the bloke's shed.

No explanations as Julia Gillard book is dumped

Samantha Maiden - The Sunday Telegraph

An unauthorised biography of Julia Gillard that ALP strategists feared would rock the Labor Party has been dumped in a literary mystery.

MP hammers tradies over sexism at RNA expo

Daryl Passmore - The Sunday Mail (QLD)

The use of scantily clad models brandishing power tools in promoting a tradies' expo is under attack from Queensland Minister for Women Karen Struthers.

Why is this MP buying a bag of weed?

Heath Aston - SMH

It's not every day that a minister of the crown gets snapped clutching a bag of ''weed'' on a busy city street.

But the NSW Minister for Mental Health, Kevin Humphries, acquired the synthetic marijuana in an attempt to highlight concerns about its use and sale.