Iron Lady Gillard pushes a hard line


Prime Minister Julia Gillard's campaign to reclaim the affections of heartland voters is being threatened by growing support in Labor ranks for same-sex marriage.

Single parent? Take it as read

Herald Sun

A new children's book series seeks to normalise life for those in single or same-sex parent households.

Greens' wilting appeal

Daily Telegraph

Now we know that the meddling ideological extremism of the Greens cost them the inner-city seat of Marrickville in the NSW election last month.

Price is right with her cry for help

Herald Sun

The bestiality tweet by inner-city barrister Larissa Behrendt against the Northern Territory activist Bess Price, was offensive.

Boy, 10, the youngest Australian to have sex change

A court has allowed a 10-year-old boy to become the youngest Australian to have sex-change therapy.

Asylum visas delayed six months on Christmas island

Daily Telegraph

Two Sri Lankan asylum seekers locked in the Christmas Island Detention Centre had their visas applications delayed for six months because they had not been properly logged and authorities did not realise they were there.

High-stakes game as Wilkie sticks to his principles


For such a mild-mannered man, Andrew Wilkie is pretty colourful. And now very powerful. He first came to national attention when he walked out of the Office of National Assessments in 2003, just before the Iraq War, saying the conflict was ''totally unrelated to the war on terror''.

Victorian government to review sex assault reforms

Daily Telegraph

Sweeping sexual assault reforms undertaken by Victoria's former Labor Government will be urgently reviewed after a study revealed fewer women are reporting sexual assaults.

Female teacher banned from teaching for five years for sex with schoolboy, 15

Courier Mail

A female teacher who allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old schoolboy after tempting him with lemonade and lollies has been banned from teaching for five years.

Playmates brothel not welcome in Braeside

Herald Sun

Plans for a new brothel in Melbourne's southeastern suburbs have religious groups and businesses all hot under the collar.

Cadets 'need sex as outlet'

Daily Telegraph

The Australian Defence Association director Neil James has claimed young cadets at the Australian Defence Force Academy are as "fit as mallee bulls" and look for a sexual outlet in their high-pressure environment.

Rape of navy recruit among new claims of abuse

The Australian

Decades of institutionalised bastardisation in the Australian military will be examined after the emergence of more allegations of serious sexual abuse and assault.

Modern miracle of conception


The founder of Sydney IVF is returning to his first love, writes Deborah Smith. For his views on destroying human embryos and his admission that human cloning is probably now unnecessary.

Victory for woman in surrogacy battle

Herald Sun

A woman whose son was conceived through surrogacy has won the right to be named on the child's birth certificate, in what is believed to be an Australian first.

Gay couple 'kicked out of pub for kiss'

Herald Sun

Two gay men say their first-date kiss got them thrown out of a London pub - and turned them into a Twitter sensation.

Truth, justice and the Marrickville way

The Age

Marrickville Council is being torn apart by Middle Eastern politics. Should Marrickville, or should it not, punish Israel with a boycott for its alleged human rights violations? The question is, of course, on everyone's lips across the Middle East. The fate of nations hangs in the balance. Is a mere boycott enough? Should Marrickville send troops?