Video games reform rebuffed over violence fears

The Age

Long-awaited reforms of Australia’s censorship of computer games look set to fail after Victoria declared its strong concern that the move will legalise games with ‘‘high levels of graphic, frequent and gratuitous violence’’.

With censors swamped, Canberra signals it's time for self-regulation

The Age

In a significant change to the way Australia censors and classifies information and entertainment, the Gillard government has conceded that some industries will have to self-regulate and classify their own products.

Religious instruction teaches much more than faith

The Age

Opposition to Christian programs in government schools is misguided. As Chief of Access Ministries, Victoria's largest provider of religion classes in government schools, I have been grilled about the special religious instruction program (SRI). At issue is the question of religious instruction in secular schools. As Australia, like the rest of the world, largely comprises ''believers'' - the vast majority belongs to a religious group - I strongly assert its importance.

Priest slams religion curriculum as 'appalling'

The Age

THE way Victoria offered religious education was ''not on'', the Christian curriculum was ''crap'' and the education department was ill equipped to stand up to religious ''bullies'', according to Melbourne priest and academic Professor Gary Bouma.

Respecting a patient's wishes at the end of their life

The Age

Doctors are hard-wired to save lives, wrote Dr William Silvester in The Sunday Age. But when a patient is chronically ill, and suffering from an incurable condition, should doctors do all they can to extend life? Dr Silvester, director of Respecting Patient Choices at Austin Heath, has come to question whether aggressive medical intervention is always the right way to proceed.

Easter gig in sin bin

Herald Sun

The Baillieu Government will move to ban a bad-taste concert being staged on one of the most sacred days of the Christian year. Easter Mass 11, featuring Christian-hating heavy metal bands, has been planned for a Northcote venue on Good Friday, mocking the day's religious significance.

Child laws lack bite at casinos

Courier Mail

New laws aimed at stopping children being dumped outside Queensland casinos are failing to stop parents choosing punting over parenting. Secret State Government documents reveal a loophole is partly to blame for the continuing problem of children being left outside casinos in cars or lobbies.

Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones calls for holding Islam accountable

The Australian

The US pastor, whose burning of a Koran sparked deadly violence in Afghanistan, says the religion of Islam must be held accountable.

Jamie Parker claims NSW Greens win in inner-west Sydney seat

The Australian

Jamie Parker today claimed a NSW Greens victory in Sydney's Balmain, giving the party its first seat in the state's lower house. But as the Greens celebrated their historic victory, the Liberal candidate has described the win as a “disappointment” for voters.