Christians target death bill

Josh Gordon - The Age
Christians are being urged to bombard federal politicians with emails opposing the Greens' push to overturn laws banning euthanasia in the Northern Territory and the ACT. Amid signs Parliament could be set to quash the controversial 1997 law preventing the two territories from even debating the topic, the Australian Christian Lobby has ramped up its campaign against what it says is a Greens ''agenda of death''. It follows debate in the Senate late last week during which MPs from both sides of politics spoke in favour of the Greens legislation. Greens leader Bob Brown said he was confident the legislation would pass, on ''territory rights'' grounds alone.

Stunt lifts the veil on our culture wars

David Penberthy - Sunday Herald Sun
There was an unusual and confusing incident in the chamber of one of our parliaments during the week that spoke volumes about the tensions within this multicultural society of ours. The incident demonstrated the hyper-sensitivity that Muslim Australians feel towards any discussion of their behaviour and, specifically in this case, their attire. On Thursday, a Labor MP cooked up a harmless stunt to celebrate the pioneering work of Adelaide-born suffragette Muriel Matters, who famously chained herself to Britain's House of Commons in 1908, demanding that women be given the right to vote.

Brumby wins on economy, Libs on crime

Mark Russell - The Age
Voters believe John Brumby will do a better job of managing the economy, the environment, health and education, but Ted Baillieu is the man they want in charge when it comes to tackling crime, transport, and housing and planning issues. However, in a blow to Mr Baillieu, a Sunday Age poll of 1797 readers found only a third believe Victoria would change for the better if he were elected premier on November 27, and four in 10 actually think the state would be worse off. The figures showed 22.8 per cent believed a Baillieu government would make the state ''a great deal worse'' and 20.8 per cent ''a little worse''. A further 15.2 per cent felt it ''would make no difference''.

Liberals draw up 100-day plan

Linda Silmalis - The Sunday Telegraph
State Opposition leader Barry O'Farrell has hired experienced strategists to secretly draw up a "100-day" action plan to be implemented if the Coalition wins the March election. Senior Liberal sources say the plan will include the execution of election promises, reviews of Labor Government policies and programs, and a commission of audit. The Sunday Telegraph can reveal former MP Peta Seaton, former tax adviser to Peter Costello, Nigel Bailey and one-time John Howard adviser Stephen Galilee have been hired to work in Mr O'Farrell's office. When approached about his plans for government, Mr O'Farrell said work was under way on policies with much of the detail of the execution to be rolled out in the campaign.

Thousands support pride parade

About 70,000 of people turned out for the 21st Pride WA Parade in Northbridge last night. Families, tourists and locals turned out to watch the hour long parade featuring 35 colourful floats and 1000 even more colourful performers make their way along William and James Streets to Russell Square. Pride WA co-president Charles Denham said it was the biggest parade in the last few years.   “The weather’s really good so we were expecting about 80,000 people to come and watch,” Mr Denham said.

They can huff and they can puff, but Brown's juggernaut is gathering speed

Is working closely with the government good for the long-term image of the Greens? They are being portrayed as the big bad wolves even before they've really sharpened their teeth. The Greens don't get sole balance of power in the Senate until mid-next year but already on both sides of politics, strategists are fearing their rise and rise. In the past week John Howard warned the Liberals against the short-term expediency of preferencing Green candidates, while Labor's John Faulkner spoke within the Left faction about their growing electoral power.