Time to speak out for life
A BRISBANE bishop has joined other Church leaders in speaking out against the current secularist push to decriminalise abortion in Queensland and legalise same-sex marriage and euthanasia throughout Australia.

Premier Kristina Keneally set for power showdown
SPARKS will fly at State Parliament today with a cowardly Premier Kristina Keneally ordering three Labor MPs to ambush an Upper House inquiry into her government's shambolic power sell-off and force it to be abandoned.

Another year over and the polls give Julia plenty to fear
This has been a very tough year for Labor all around Australia. In the past 12 months Labor has had a near-death experience federally and lost government in Victoria

Exodus leaves children vulnerable
MORE than a third of the child-protection workers recruited from overseas to solve the workforce crisis in Gippsland have quit within a year.

Government sets up mental health panel
MENTAL health campaigner Patrick McGorry is to head a special advisory panel established by the Federal Government to guide reform within the sector.

St Kilda nude photo storm shows internet has a dark side
THE cyber storm that started with the posting of nude images of St Kilda footballers on the internet has grown with frightening intensity.

Julia Gillard told to overhaul welfare
THE outgoing head of the Families Department has urged the Gillard government to rein in the ballooning disability support pension scheme.

Greens pushing for 40pc mine tax
THE Greens plan to use their control of the Senate to sink Wayne Swan's revised 30 per cent mining tax in favour of a steeper levy.

Greens push for refugee intake of 20,000
THE Australian Greens have called for a 6500 increase in Australia's refugee intake.