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Julia Gillard's special health deal for the west

JULIA Gillard will offer Western Australia a special deal to win Liberal Premier Colin Barnett's backing for Kevin Rudd's $50 billion health reform plan.

Gillard gives strongest election hint yet

FEDERAL cabinet meets in Canberra today in what could be the last top-level discussion before an election's called.

Facebook launches 'panic button' to protect kids from online stalkers

FACEBOOK has launched a "panic button" aimed at protecting young people in the UK from sex predators, in an apparent U-turn on its previous online safety stance.

Fractious ISPs may fumble their chance on internet filter

AUSTRALIAN ISPs have an opportunity to see off Labor's mandatory internet censorship laws, but their disunity could let it slip.

East Timor MPs reject Gillard's refugee centre proposal

JULIA Gillard's plan for a refugee processing centre in East Timor was dealt another blow yesterday when East Timor rejected the idea.

Net provider refuses to apply child pornography filter

Hopes that a voluntary filter of child pornography will become industry standard across all internet service providers have been dealt a blow with a significant mid-sized carrier declaring it will not participate.

Bid for Islamic teachings

EVERY Australian school student would be taught positive aspects about Islam and Muslims - and that Australia is a racist country - under a proposal by an education think tank.   Refer also “Famous” bin Laden: teaching children our fear of terrorism is racist