For Christ's sake, think

Susie O'Brien - Herald Sun

Victorians have nothing to fear from our Charter of Rights, despite what the Australian Christian Lobby would have you believe. They are wrong to oppose the expansion of the charter.

Push to oust climate science from schools

Joe Kelly - The Australian

School Education Minister Peter Garrett has confirmed the Gillard government will not stop the teaching of climate science in the classroom following a move in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn from the national curriculum.

No light on the hill

Ian Munro - The Age

Victorian branch members are deserting the ALP in droves, fed up with a party they say doesn't know what it stands for any more.

Tricked boys languish in adult prison

Lindsay Murdoch - SMH

Three boys snatched by people smugglers from a poor Indonesian village have been held for months in an Australian jail with hardened criminals.

A perfect moral storm

Tim Dean - The Drum

Only two weeks ago, the broken and mutilated body of a 13-year-old boy, Hamza Ali al-Khatib, was returned to his parents, the evidence of his torture and intense suffering displayed plainly across his young body. His transgression against the Syrian regime was attending a protest rally with his father. As everyday Syrians rallied around the image of Hazma, the Syrian regime only cracked down on its people even harder.

Move to ban legal synthetic cannabinoid Kronic from Australian market


Doctors say authorities should follow Western Australia's lead in banning the synthetic cannabis product Kronic, already outlawed in 16 countries.

Libs move to dump Abbott's key policy

Phillip Coorey - SMH

Tony Abbott is under mounting internal pressure to abandon his flagship policy of a paid parental leave scheme and give the money to pensioners as the Coalition grapples with how it would repeal the carbon tax but not the associated household compensation.

So who's the bunny as granddaddy of porn reweds?

Gail Dines - SMH

Many an article in Hugh Hefner's Playboy has painted a misogynous view of marriage.

Hugh Hefner is getting married again on Saturday. Granted, it is to a woman 60 years his junior, but who would have believed that the once marriage-phobic ''Hef'' would take another walk down the aisle?

Graphic anti-abortion displays have no place near schools

Robyn Urback - On Campus Macleans (Canada)

An anti-abortion group in Calgary has decided it is appropriate to take up on public sidewalks and parade graphic displays in front of public school students.

From one who knows: mentally ill judges deserve a fair go

Alexandra Smith - SMH

Frank Walker has had to confront the devastating fallout from mental illness far more than anyone should. The former judge and Labor attorney-general in NSW lost both his sons to suicide within two years.

Canberra heads off transplant critics

Mark Metherell - SMH

The federal government has sought to pre-empt an attack being led by the former governor-general Michael Jeffery on the national organ transplant scheme.

Syrian 'gay girl' outed as man, 40

The Age

Rights campaigners have reacted furiously after a US student based in Scotland unmasked himself as the author of the Gay Girl in Damascus blog, which charted the security crackdown in Syria.