A slick and dodgy sleight of hand

Greg Sheridan – The Australian

JOHN Howard's Pacific Solution was a success in deterring illegal immigrants by boat.

The Gillard government claims it was not a success because most boatpeople who were removed under the Pacific Solution came to Australia eventually.

Like most things the Gillard government says about this issue, this is untrue and based on a statistical sleight of hand.

Senator Eric Abetz in bid to demote Greens

James Massola – The Australian

A SENIOR Liberal MP will tonight flag the option of the Gillard government and the Coalition agreeing to put the Greens last on preference cards for the next federal election.

Abbott dogged by old carbon comment


Tony Abbott's past as a climate change "weather vane" has come back to haunt him - again.

The opposition leader has been shown spruiking a carbon tax in an old interview that was aired on ABC Television yesterday.

New carbon tax pitch: we'll be much better off

Sid Maher – The Australian

WAYNE Swan will today move to reinvigorate the government's carbon tax sales pitch, unveiling Treasury modelling that predicts Australia's income will be $8000 a person higher by 2020, even with a $20 a tonne carbon price.

Society needs greater debate on euthanasia

Paul Williams – The Courier Mail

JACK Kevorkian mightn't be the household name here that he was in the US, but this medical doctor who campaigned zealously for physician-assisted suicide - euthanasia - for terminally ill patients one day could be regarded as the Joseph Lister or Sigmund Freud of his field and time.

Social justice at local scale takes courage, Tutu tells Marrickville mayor

Josephine Tovey – The Sydney Morning Herald

THE Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu has penned a letter of praise to Marrickville Council over its support for a boycott of Israel, almost two months after the policy was abandoned amid an angry political backlash.

Deal saves school gay safety project

David Rood - The Age

THE future of a ground-breaking program supporting gay and lesbian students in Victorian schools has been secured under a state government funding deal.

But the $100,000 in funding for the Safe Schools Coalition comes less than a week after laws allowing faith-based groups to reject workers on the basis of their sexuality passed their first parliamentary hurdle.

Less than a month before the funding allocated to the program by the former Brumby government was due to run out, Education Minister Martin Dixon announced the 12-month funding.

Bin Laden is dead but cyber threats rise in his wake

Dylan Welch – The Sydney Morning Herald

TWO of Australia's top national security officials have said the death of Osama bin Laden will not stop the growth of global terrorism, with a new generation of young men radicalised by the internet and new ideologues in countries such as Yemen and Somalia.

Bailey review accuses TV industry of weakening the 9pm watershed

Patrick Wintour – The Guardian

Programmers are actively working against parents by effectively abolishing the TV watershed, the Bailey review into the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood has found.

Why the right won yet again

Olaf Cramme and Patrick Diamond – The Guardian

As Portugal's ruling Socialist party is swept from office, the depth of the crisis now afflicting the European left is clear. Ominously, the toppling of prime minister José Sócrates leaves social democrats with only four heads of government among the EU's 27 member countries.

Don't doom GOP's chance to win in 2012

David Frum - CNN

The numbers only summarize the anxiety and misery of millions of hard-pressed Americans. Politically, the desperate and angry mood of the country opens a huge vulnerability for President Barack Obama.