Should kids give a toss about their sperm donor dads?

The Punch
Recently in South Australia, the local reproductive medicine outfit had, for want of a better term, a “sperm drive’‘. Every sperm donor has a unique genetic print. But should kids have a right to track them down? The campaign, conceived on the cheap, pleaded with Aussie blokes not to “waste’’ their sperm. It was wildly successful. The number of sperm donors in SA jumped 100 per cent. From two to four. There are arguments it would have worked much better in Victoria because the miniscule number of blokes willing to donate sperm, and give (one assumes) a couple struggling with conception the chance at having a family highlights a powerful moral and ethical dilemma. The thing is, once children conceived through sperm donation turn 18, they have the right to find out who their donor father is. The laws have morphed over the years, from a situation of anonymity, to one where donors could consent to be contacted, to the current situation, where they have no choice.

Julie Bishop wins in row over budget cuts, preventing proposed axe for Africa aid

The Australian
Julie Bishop has prevailed against Tony Abbott in her bid to prevent proposed cuts of $373 million in foreign aid to Africa to pay for disaster reconstruction. Under a compromise deal, the money will instead be found through the deferral of an already budgeted aid program. The Deputy Opposition Leader opposed Mr Abbott's proposal to cut aid to Africa in a heated shadow cabinet meeting yesterday and was given extra time to come up with alternative savings.

SA Premier Mike Rann announces cabinet shake-up

The Australian
South Australian Premier Mike Rann has his biggest cabinet shake-up since taking office with 11 portfolios changing hands, two new ministers and his new deputy. "Our cabinet is reinvigorated, and renewed, while maintaining the right balance of stability and continuity," the premier said in a statement on Tuesday. "Out of a cabinet of 15, we have five with the experience of having served since we came to office in 2002, as well as new blood."