Ramadan should be a class act

Herald Sun
Schools that celebrate Christmas should also embrace other non-Christian religious festivals, Muslim leaders say.

Couples delay having babies, empy nesters to increase

Herald Sun
Women are putting off babies, empty nesters are overtaking families as the typical household and people are moving house more often.

Brumby too cosy with business: Labor MP

The Age
John Brumby's government lost last month's state election because it became too cosy with the big end of town and lost touch with the real-life concerns of ''ordinary'' people, says a senior federal Labor MP.

Coalition can count on both houses

The Age
Premier Ted Baillieu will be able to push his legislative agenda through State Parliament unopposed after the Coalition, in its second shock victory of the 2010 election, secured a majority in the upper house.

Disgraceful indignity for tragic mother after stillbirth

The Daily Telegraph
A mother was forced to sleep in a van with her children hours after giving birth to a stillborn baby because the Department of Housing forgot to book a motel.

Greens will not derail mines: ALP

The Australian
Resources Minister Martin Ferguson has accused the Australian Greens of seeking to derail mining approval processes.

Coalition must develop the policies to govern

The Australian
The worse Labor gets, the more critical it is for the opposition to be a strong alternative.